Kim Kardashian Puts Her Butt On Display While Doing Cartwheels On The Beach
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Kim Kardashian Puts Her Butt On Display While Doing Cartwheels On The Beach

Kim Kardashian is a lot of things at this point. Overall, you can pretty well sum her up by using the word “mogul.” She has an incredibly successful reality TV empire. Moreover, he has been absolutely killing it with skims. In fact, Skims recently hit a whopping evaluation of $4 billion. This is a very impressive number when you consider how the company hasn’t been around for all that long. Kim K is doing big things, and there’s really nothing that can stop her right now.

Unfortunately, Kim Kardashian has had to live quite a bit of her life in the public eye. While it may have been her choice to do so, some storylines have been embarrassing. For example, she has been very honest about how Kanye’s anti-Semitism has affected her and her children. Furthermore, she even spoke on her relationship with Pete Davidson and how she was simply covering up the things that were spiraling in her life.

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Kim Kardashian At The Beach

Now, however, Kim seems to be doing very well for herself. Recently, she went to the beach for some fun in the sun. We otherwise wouldn’t have known about such a track, although she ended up posting about it on her Instagram page. In the photo carousel above, Kim can be seen in a tiny black bikini that bears her butt to the world. Meanwhile, she has a white t-shirt on. From there, she decided to do a cartwheel that was painstakingly documented, frame by frame.

Overall, it seemed like a pretty fun time out there. Of course, Kim is known for her poolside and beachside snaps, so none of this is too surprising. Although she definitely looked good doing her thing. Now, she can focus on Skims and make it a $5 billion company. Stay tuned HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the pop culture world and beyond.

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