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How Streetwear Is Dominating The Industry

Streetwear is one of the biggest fashion trends in the last 20 years however, it is not a new fashion trend. This fantastic style of clothing originated in the 1980s and has become incredibly popular ever since. Now, it is a common style that is worn on many fashion catwalks all around the world.

This unique fashion trend came from the surfer and the skater community with a man called Shawn Stussy. He started designing clothes that soon became popular across the east coast of America. Now, many musicians including Justin Bieber and Kanye West are involved with this trend by owning clothing brands similar to the streetwear style.

Where Did It All Begin?

Streetwear began in the 1980s with a brand called Stussy. Shawn Stussy was the owner of this unique brand and never intended to be the fashion brand it is today. He scribbled his name onto surfboards and due to the hype, it started printing his name onto tees and shorts which many people also bought.

Although Shawn Stussy is no longer involved with this brand, it is still very popular today. Furthermore, many streetwear brands have taken inspiration from his brand and incorporated their styles into their clothing.

Although streetwear was common along the west coast in California, it did not reach its heights until Supreme came along. Additionally, the cost of Supreme is much more expensive due to its limited editions and limited drops. This is where it all began and since then, Supreme has collaborated with many fashion brands all over the world to design special collections.

Although Stussy and Supreme were two fashion brands that kick started this fashion trend, there have been many other brands which have adopted their style to streetwear. Some go for a more athleisure approach and others choose a casual and relaxed fit, with cheap men’s hoodies and relaxed fit cargos being a common style.

The Influences Of Streetwear

There have been many influences on streetwear. Some of these include Off-white, Supreme, and A Bathing Ape that the streetwear community are wearing. Some of these brands have collaborated with luxury fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

Ever since streetwear took, celebrities have taken to the style. One of the reasons for this is because of the unique style. Others may wear it because it is comfortable and casual. Some celebrities may wear it because some streetwear pieces are considered a luxury.

The Future Of Streetwear

Streetwear is one of the most popular fashion trends in the last two decades. It continues to feature on some of the best catwalks in Milan, New York, London and many more. Additionally, it is a style that anybody can wear.

Streetwear became even more popular during the covid-19 period. It then continued to be worn on the streets of cities and is still a common trend. As it we continue to see on our screens, we can expect streetwear for men and women to be one of the biggest styles that are worn around the world.