20 Best Nike Shoes for Men 2023
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20 Best Nike Shoes for Men 2023

The shoe game hasn’t been the same since 1964. It was then, in Eugene, Oregon, when Phil Knight founded Blue Ribbon Sports, which seven years later was renamed

Nike. When the first Nike brand sneaker was released the following year, it was game over. Soon the Swoosh had taken over the world, and the three words “just do it” forever belong to one brand.

Today, Nike has expanded far beyond its humble Oregon origins. Professional athletes from everywhere and every sport aren’t just wearing Nike, but they have become a part of Nike itself: Ronaldo’s CR7 Mercurial cleats, Kobe Bryant’s Zoom Kobe 1s, and of course, Michael Jordan’s, well, Jordans. It’s not just about professionals or athletes, though. For anyone and everyone, the brand is still the go-to for footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and more.

While Nike has become this global lifestyle brand worth nearly $184 billion, it still remains true to itself at the core: shoes. There’s really nothing like a brand new pair of Nikes. Seriously, nothing has the same feel, a facet of their innovative technology. Or the same quality, due to their meticulous crafting and superior design. Or, and perhaps most notably, the pure style that the shoes exude, a perfectly situated intersection where the celebration of sports meets the deep understanding of fashion. Yeah, there’s nothing like it.

So when it comes down to selecting your shoes, it can be pretty overwhelming. There’s a lot to choose from and only a limited amount of room in your shoe closet (or shoebox of a Manhattan apartment). Whether you’ve been a Nike-head forever or just decided to hop on the brand-wagon, we’re here to help you choose your new style. From high-tops to retro kicks, we’ve got the 20 best pairs for you to step into 2023 with. Come on, grab a pair or two. Just do it.