Westporter launches genderless makeup, beauty brand

WESTPORT — Growing up, Jon Wormser never thought about the beauty industry; but now he owns his own gender-neutral beauty brand, Good Weird.

“I can’t believe that it’s real,” he said. “I still can’t believe that I have my own company.”

It launched with the online store on March 29.

Wormser, a Westport native, was inspired to create his own makeup line after he had a breakout about two and a half years ago. He went to a beauty store and realized there were a lot of products but not many made with him in mind. Then he went to a drugstore and saw that he needed a lot of products like primers and brushes, when he was just looking for a quick fix to cover pimples and under eye bags.

So, he talked with his best friend, Stephen Yaseen, who he met in college, and the duo built Good Weird around the idea of ​​genderless beauty.

“We built this entire idea around functional beauty,” he said. “Basically taking beauty products but lowering the pigment load significantly and then infusing skin care elements.”

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