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Peep Inside London’s New Prada Caffe

London’s much-loved department store, Harrods, is officially home to an all-new Prada Caffe, here to satisfy all your high-fashion food needs.

Decked out in an all-over mint green hue, the cafe features three separate seating areas, complete with a counter display of Prada-branded sweet treats. Reminiscent of a ’50s-style soda shop, the cafe takes cues from Prada’s own Milanese location — designed by none other than filmmaker and purveyor of cult-loved aesthetics, Wes Anderson.

As for the food itself, Prada’s Caffe serves a selection of small bites, breakfast, lunch and dinner options, the cafe boasts an Italian-inspired menu, complete with risotto, burrata and seafood dishes. Delicate pasta dishes round out the Italian offering, while 72% dark chocolate cakes and berry-based fruit tarts make up the dessert portion of the menu. Elsewhere, the decadent menu boasts a satisfying offering of hot beverages and cocktails, from Prada-branded cappuccinos to icy aperitivos.

Rounding out the experience is the incredible selection of Prada-branded crockery on which the delectable dishes are served. Complete with branded cutlery and latte art, any visit to Prada Caffe is sure to be an Instagrammable one.

The new cafe comes shortly after Jimmy Choo opened its Choo Cafe in 2022, suggesting a continual evolution of the luxury retail experience.

Take a look at the luxurious London location above, available to visit until early 2024.

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