NBA Style Rankings: Winter-casual looks reach various levels with players
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NBA Style Rankings: Winter-casual looks reach various levels with players

This past week equated to another healthy dose of NBA Style Rankings newcomers and a fair amount of statement pieces. The week is also the most telling when it comes to weather changes. Many players around the league are more than ready for the winter.

Let’s get into it:

Davis’ fit here seems very much in theme with the current season. The brown leather patches on the pants make for a unique piece that draws your eyes in — that is if you happen to notice them before his jacket. The No. 1 pick in the 2012 NBA Draft has a plaid brown jacket that looks very comfortable on the inside.

the Travis Scott low Jordan 1sVan Cleef & Arpels necklace and orange-tinted shades may be my favorite combination of accessory pieces this week.

The great Deion Sanders once said, “You look good, you feel good, you play well,” and that’s the case for Brown this season. He’s averaging career highs in points, rebounds and assists, and I’d argue his sense of style is also at a career high this season.

Brown is blacked out from his shades to his jeans. He’s from Georgia, so his Atlanta Braves hat isn’t only adding color but also repping his home base. He’s added the black Louis Vuitton duffle bag and AirPods Max for extra flair.

Off the court, Tucker is best known for his sneaker collection, but he can fly with clothes, too. The Dior pants are the focal point for me. They’re cropped at the bottom to show off his Nike Air Force 1s, and he tucked his graphic tee into the pants just to make sure you don’t miss them. His jacket is cropped, as well, once again to show off the pants.

We can’t ignore the iced-out Cuban link with the “PJ” pendant, orange Goyard toiletry bag and Kobes.

Here we have just the latest example of why I stand behind my theory that Mills is, more often than not, the coolest person in any room he’s in. Mills broke out the tan Nahmias jacket with red lettering and jeans with rhinestones around the pocket. All that was left from there were the shades and sneakers.

LeVert is one of a few newcomers in this week’s rankings. The details and designs of the blue and green fabrics make this jean jacket look like a custom or a one-of-one. And if you’ve been following these rankings long enough, you know I’m fond of the cargo jeans.

You usually know a fit is fire when all you need to do is throw on Nike Air Force 1s and a trucker hat. He’s sporting the Goyard bag, as well.

By now we’re getting a pretty good handle on Booker’s approach with fashion. He’ll likely never be the flashiest person in the room, but his clothes may be the baggiest. The black leather jacket with the wider jeans, black Converse sneakers and a Detroit Tigers hat is a great look for this time of year.

Booker’s style correlates with his preference in automobiles. The vast majority of cars he’s driven to playoff games in recent years have been classics. His style feels more classic and true to who he is rather than whatever the latest trend is.

Malik Monk (Nathaniel S. Butler / NBAE via Getty Images)

Monk goes with a sleek, formal look that pulls off well — just a fresh, black leather jacket, black T-shirt, a couple of diamond chains, jeans and a nice pair of black boots.

Monk and the Kings have been a pleasant surprise with their success this season, but his style should come as no surprise at all. He’s been well-dressed for some time.

Surprisingly, this is Westbrook’s first appearance this season in the rankings, and you know he has to do it in a way only he can. A silk shirt is unique, indeed, but not something I’ve never seen before. His woven pants, however, are. They look comfortable and comparable to your average pair of sweatpants.

The shoes look like customized Converses, and he’s rocking the hat backwards, two diamond chains and shades for good measure. Welcome to the rankings, Westbrook.

Glad to have Gilgeous-Alexander back in the rankings. His suede trench coat goes on the list of the more unique pieces I’ve seen this season. It’s so stylish that it doesn’t take much to complete the look. He went with a white thermal shirt under the coat, light denim, a white shoestring as a belt, woven boots and a rosary.

It’s a mature look that works well for him, as usual.

The more fits I’m seeing from Sochan, the more I’m realizing his sense of style is more advanced than the rest of the rookies around the league. It’s a pretty simple fit, really, but only a handful of rookies could pull this off, let alone have the confidence to even try it. His lime-green hair matches his pants flawlessly, and he’s got a dress shirt and black loafers to make this look even more formal. Looks like he’s got a diamond bracelet on his right wrist and the pink AirPods Max for accessories.

I don’t want to jump the gun, but based on the hair, flair and willingness to take chances with his fashion choices, there’s a Dennis Rodman kind of vibe from Sochan.

(Top photo of Devin Booker: Ned Dishman / NBAE via Getty Images)