Leather Trenches Are Taking Over It-Girl Street Style – And So Is Designer Jonathan Marc Stein’s Latest Collection
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Leather Trenches Are Taking Over It-Girl Street Style – And So Is Designer Jonathan Marc Stein’s Latest Collection

Taste makers and trendsetters from coast to coast have set the tone for the season – leather is in. From Kylie Jenner’s memorable fashion moments in Aspen rocking a leather trench over apres ski apparel, to Hailey Bieber’s go-to throw on over athleisure during a coffee run in Los Angeles, a leather revolution has entered the chat – and with it, designer Jonathan Mark Stein.

Photo by: Riley Rosefsky

Stein – who has been working with leather since kick-starting his career five years ago and launching his eponymous company – knew that the celebrity-favorite material would come back in a big way in 2023, and has been working hard to establish a line of A-listers would covet, as would their fans excited to shop the look.

Designing with leather isn’t easy, but the Los Angeles-based fashion house founder, who has an engineering background, was up to the task. “I love that leather is both beautiful to look at as well as durable. It has such a wide range of applications, from shoes and bags to clothing and outerwear,” Stein exclusively tells Daily Front Row. “When properly cared for, it can last for years.”


Jonathan Marc Stein’s leather trenches are not just worth the wait, but the investment too. Reversible via zipper into a crop from a trench, this two-in-one purchase is a must-have buy for the season, and is guaranteed to be your new favorite staple piece.

Ahead of the launch, Jonathan dishes all on his new highly anticipated line, and what else can we expect from him this year.

Photo by: Riley Rosefsky

How long have you been working with leather?
I have been designing with leather since my first collection as I began my career. So, for about 5 years.

What’s your favorite part of working and designing with leather?
I love that leather is both beautiful to look at as well as durable. It has such a wide range of applications from shoes and bags to clothing and outerwear. When properly cared for, it can last for years. It allows for a beautiful structural asset to a piece, or as a supplement and fragile aspect to amplify a garment’s beauty.

How and where do you source the leather you use for JMS?
I source my leather in the local Los Angeles area from several suppliers depending on the project with consideration for their responsible sourcing. I believe that sustainability and accountability within the fashion industry is something we all need to participate in. Choiceful actions are necessary to enact change.

What do you think is a staple piece of leather everyone should have in their closet?
Everyone should own a pair of black leather pants and at least one leather jacket. They are great pieces for creating mixed media looks. You can dress it up or be more casual and leather adds an air of sophistication and edginess.

How does someone care for their leather pieces?
Caring for your leather pieces is usually determined by each manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and caring for it. Many times, blocking the piece from the sun and humid environments will help your leather garment’s lifespan. However, the skin can often dry out and become weak due to the normal course of nature. When this happens, applying a rich leather conditioner to the affected areas can revive and amplify an outdated or old piece.

What was the inspiration behind your newest leather design?
Many off-the-rack leather jackets are the regular motorcycle jackets that everyone has come to know. With this in mind, I wanted to create something iconic for everyday wear, but with a newfound spin. Versatility allows the wearer to enjoy a multitude of styles with just a single piece. Just like advances in technology, fashion has room to grow as well. By allowing the user the availability of both a cropped leather jacket and a full-length trench coat, packing for travel will be a cinch and outfit evolution will be extremely easy. By just removing a single zipper that encompasses the middle of the coat, an entirely different outfit and vibe are accomplished.

How will leather play a role in JMS’s future?
I hope that one day both JMS and I will be known for utilizing leather in our garments. I have always been astonished with what many fashion designers have done with leather and have been accomplished with it. So many intricate, structural, and delicate pieces have been created with this material. All amazing art. Given my love for leather, I envision that I will always incorporate leather elements in my future collections. Maybe one day I will make my mark in the luxury industry with an iconic leather piece that will be seen in everyone’s closet.

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