Jill Biden manages to insult both LSU and Iowa with the White House invite idea

HOUSTON — It is apparently news to a whole lot of people that women, women athletes in particular, are not shrinking violets.

They talk trash every bit as much as male athletes, and they’re equally adept at handling being on the receiving end of it. They don’t need their feelings spared, and they most certainly don’t need anyone inviting them to the White House so everyone feels good about themselves and no one feels left out.

These are Division I college athletes. They stopped getting excited by participation trophies years ago — if they ever were.

“A JOKE” Angel Reese said on Twitter in response to the news First Lady Jill Biden wants to invite both national champion LSU and runner-up Iowa to the White House.

Reese is right. That’s not how this works, and LSU shouldn’t have to share its hard-earned spotlight because some people can’t wrap their heads around the fact women are not special snowflakes who can’t handle disappointment or adversity.

LSU forward Angel Reese celebrates after defeating Iowa on Sunday for the national championship.

LSU forward Angel Reese celebrates after defeating Iowa on Sunday for the national championship.

“I’m going to tell Joe I think Iowa should come, too, because they played such a good game,” Jill Biden said Monday during an appearance in Denver.

Biden’s idea was insulting to LSU. The Tigers won their first national title in decisive fashion, and they don’t owe concessions to anyone. About anything. But it’s also insulting to Iowa, implying the Hawkeyes are such delicate flowers they need to be propped up emotionally by a visit to the White House.

What, are the President or First Lady going to pat the Hawkeyes on the head, too? Give them lollipops and tell them how hard they played?

White House visits have traditionally been one of the perks for the national champs, and the women’s runners-up – in any sport – have managed to get on with their lives just fine. Iowa will, too.

And I’d bet a guess that Caitlin Clark would rather spend her time in the gym, working to ensure Iowa’s season ends differently next year, than going to Washington and pretending this isn’t the diplomatic equivalent of a make-up call.

Trust me when I tell you that women don’t need your paternalism. We’ve spent our entire lives overcoming slights and insults, of soldiering on despite being told we’re not good enough or aren’t as deserving of fill-in-the-blank as the boys and men. We have survived and, as the women’s tournament this year has shown, we have thrived.

It’s amazing that Biden himself didn’t recognize this. Or that the people around her didn’t tell her what a bad idea this was.

Biden, who was at Sunday’s title game, might have thought he was doing something nice for both teams. Instead, she diminished both of their accomplishments.

Women want parity, not pity parties. Even if they take place at the White House.

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