How Do I Update My Compliance Risk Assessment?
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How Do I Update My Compliance Risk Assessment?

How Do I Update My Compliance Risk Assessment?

Compliance Risk Assessments are critically important in healthcare practices. When used correctly, they can save entities from fines, problems and consequences.

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While almost everyone is familiar with a HIPAA Risk Assessment, many practices have not completed a full Compliance Risk Assessment.

A Compliance Risk Assessment is a process for healthcare entities to determine what risks exist, evaluate potential risks and focus resources to address the most significant risks.

Compliance Risk Assessments help to find blind spots, show your employees that you care about their concerns and are proactive, and reduce potential government fines and penalties. They could even help prevent a whistleblower suit.

Healthcare entities should prioritize these risk assessments, as they are now expected by the government. The Department of Justice (“DOJ”) has shared its belief that periodic risk assessments are the starting point of a well-designed compliance program.

Compliance plans must be updated regularly and regularly. Your staff should be aware of and engaged with your compliance program.

So how do you perform or update your Compliance Risk Assessment?

Work with your healthcare attorney to:

  • identify risks;
  • Assess risks for potential likelihood and impact;
  • Create a work plan which will likely include:
    • audits,
    • monitoring,
    • education,
    • updates to policies and procedures, and
    • implementation of any necessary technology measures; and
  • Continue monitoring compliance and compliance risks.

It is essential that your compliance plan is well-used, familiar to all staffand involve your entire office.

If a government official were to come to your practice, would all of your employees be able to comprehensively discuss your compliance plan?

If not, or if you need help with your compliance, billing, or audits, contact Rickard & Associates today!

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